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Rent your very own parking space for absolute peace of mind.

Tired of driving around the block over and over again, trying to find an available parking space? It is one of the most frustrating things and we understand your pain.
That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to creating a viable solution for you – rent your very own secure parking space for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.
If you work in the Milton Keynes area, rent a parking space through us. There’ll be no more stressing about security or running late for work! Renting your very own secure parking space has many benefits to it, including:
• Keeping your vehicle safe and secure at all times.
• Saving you a world of precious time looking for parking every day.
• Saving you lots of money in parking fines as well as metered parking.
All you have to do is fill out the enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you with available spaces.

At only £95 per month, this is a feasible option for you. With 24/7 access, full security in the form of surveillance cameras, security gates and lighting, this truly is the way to go.
We also have a solution if you are a company looking to rent parking spaces for your employees. We give businesses the opportunity to hire parking spaces in Milton Keynes and various other towns and cities across the UK.
We are fully aware of the chronic shortage of secure long-term parking spaces and this pain point is our foundation as a company.
The parking spaces that we have available are conveniently located in town & city centres, with all of them found in areas such as:
• Underground
• Gated areas that are above ground
• Multi-story car parks

We offer parking spaces at the three locations shown below:

Parking, Central Milton Keynes

Hyperlink here

Parking, Central Milton Keynes

Parking, Central Milton Keynes


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