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Do you have a town or city centre business premises that has far too few allocated parking spaces? If so, then you are in the majority of businesses who share this frustration as do your staff. But what can you do about it?


One approach is to simply let your staff get on with it and arrange their own car parking. This may be by simply using pay and display by paying cash or mobile phone payment in car parks.


Another approach is for your business to pay for employee parking permits from the council or for your staff to pay for their own ones. This is an improvement on the first option but it still doesn’t guarantee that a parking space will be available or at least one found within a reasonable walking distance from your place of work.


An increasingly popular alternative is to hire secure parking spaces for staff from either private individuals or businesses.


Let’s look at the pros and cons of this approach:



  • Time is money and hiring a parking space saves you wasting previous moments looking for one.


  • It also saves you time fiddling with coins or using your mobile phone to pay.


  • Employees don’t need to leave work to top up the metre once or more times a day.


  • A big cost saving for the employee or the employer over parking meter charges.


  • A secure parking space substantially reduces the risk of vehicle damage and break ins as well as the resultant time and cost it takes to put it right.



  • It generally costs more than a council employee permit although the differential is reducing due to councils increasing their parking charges significantly in recent years.


  • It is a taxable benefit in kind to your member of staff.


With the benefits of secure parking spaces being overwhelmingly better than the limited disadvantages why wouldn’t you offer secure parking spaces to your employees? You will find your staff are happier, less stressed from wasting time and money looking for a parking space every day and more focussed on their work.


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to inquiry about secure parking spaces for your staff. You know it makes sense.