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Time is money. And as such, every moment saved – whether it gets you to that important meeting on time, prevents the stress of unforeseen delays or boosts your productivity –  is money well spent.


Follow these 5 tips to save time in your busy work week.


  1. If you struggle to get up at your first alarm, keep a large glass of water next to your bed to drink as soon as it sounds. The water will help wake your body up and has the added benefit of keeping you hydrated for a time.


  1. Prepare for delays. Check the weather forecast throughout the week and leave earlier when there are inclement weather conditions. This will help you get to work on time even during heavy traffic. It’s also useful to keep an ear to the ground concerning sporting events in your area and school holidays.


  1. New research shows that drivers waste four days a year trying to find parking spaces. Safe and secure parking, rented on a month-to-month basis, will save you hours wasted trawling an area for empty parking bays. Rented spaces are convenient and reliable, found close to your work and you’ll avoid the hassle of needing to carry coins or have your phoned charged so you can pay using a mobile app.


  1. Take the time to plan your day ahead. Resist the urge to get started straight away and you’ll make more effective use of your hours. Having a clear idea of what work is urgent and what can wait is vital in ensuring you save less important tasks for later.


  1. Decide on a time to leave the office. A deadline to your day increases productivity.


You might say that ‘to be prepared is half the victory’ … so if you’d like to save yourself the time and everyday hassle of trying to find parking, get in touch, we can help!