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People have genuine concerns when leaving their car parked for an extended period of time. Most vehicle owners park their car in the safety of their garage overnight, however, during the day, people are expected to leave an expensive asset out in the elements for Joe Bloggs to accidently trip over.

The common emotion people feel about this, and the general scope of parking is frustration. These top 9 parking frustrations that the UK public suffer from, represent some common themes that people are most hostile to.

Top 9 parking frustrations

  1. People who damage your parked car and don’t leave a note. This is obvious and probably the rudest, most costly out of the lot. There’s a reason it’s number one. Unfortunately, congested streets and busy parking areas make this frustration rather common. Even if it’s not anyone’s fault particularly, people have justified not leaving a note (or providing false details) for an almost infinite number of reasons.


  1. Drivers who ‘steal’ a parking space you were clearly waiting for. The real problem and most aggravating part, is the injustice that was suffered. Sure, sometimes this happens as a genuine mistake. But, more often than not, someone who’s selfish enough to pull this stunt off has no problem leaving the unsuspecting victim waiting around, with a new-found temper, wasting the time that they needed to put to more effective use.


  1. People who do not park properly. Again, selfish people, too involved in their own lives to check that they have parked properly – sometimes parking in the middle of two spaces. It really comes down to inconsideration. It’s incredibly frustrating because most people take the time to ensure their neighbour can fit comfortably into their allocated space.


  1. Parking in an unsafe area and needing to leave your car there for an extended period. Not only does this cause unnecessary stress for the day, but there’s a genuine chance you’ll return to your car with scratches or damage, or worse – items missing. This point is probably the most stressful, especially when your brain needs to be concentrating on important work tasks.


  1. Seeing empty / unused reserved parking spaces. Unfortunately, there isn’t really anybody to blame for this, just poor city planning. This really grinds the gears when the spaces are located right next to where you need to be and the closest free ones are almost a mile away!


  1. Illegally parked cars causing congestion. Depending on where they are, they may even be causing damage. This type of parking can seriously slow the pace of traffic becoming a burden for every commuter.


  1. Never finding that parking space. Most people are likely to have experienced this. You may be driving around your area, steadily increasing your range, keeping a look out for just one free space. It never comes. Annoyingly, if you do get a glimpse of a car pulling out of a space in your rearview mirror, it’s probably been snapped up by the time you make it round the block again. What a drag!


  1. Parking too far away from your place of work. This is a real hassle if you’re busy or the weather is foul. No one likes walking miles to work in the rain! This will start anyone’s day off on the wrong foot, causing undue stress if it makes you late.


  1. Someone else parking in your reserved parking space. Another rude, inconsiderate or selfish person. This can’t really be helped unless you have a responsive tow company on speed dial. It will, however, cause some serious frustration to your day and probably some heavy delays.


Unfortunately, people sometimes aren’t the decent and wholesome human beings you would like them to be. Parking Spaces Rentals has a safe and secure solution to all of your parking frustrations. Contact us to find out how we can help!